About Us

Hi, I'm Daniel.

Skinner Jeans was started by accident in 2014. I had moved to Tallahassee in 2010 for school. In college I felt completely lost. I had changed my major nearly every semester. I was spending lots of money on exploratory classes, only to decide I hated the subject. At a certain point, attending fashion design school piqued my interest.

After some research and touring SCAD in Savannah, Georgia, I realized there was no way I could afford fashion design school. So, on a whim, I bought a vintage Singer sewing machine from a thrift shop. I set it up in my college bedroom and taught myself to sew. My first project was a canvas overnight bag. It turned out all right, so I set my sights on something a little different: a pair of jeans.

They were truly awful. They didn't fit. They didn't look good. The leg seam blew out the first time I wore them. So I made a few adjustments and made another pair. Then another. I quickly fell in love with denim and the process of making jeans.

After a few months I bought my first industrial sewing machine to help sew through the thick denim. Searching for and collecting vintage industrial sewing machines soon became just as much of a hobby as making jeans. I couldn't afford new machines so instead I found the old, broken down ones on Ebay and Craigslist and fixed them up.

Today, I'm thankful to say that I run Skinner Jeans full-time. I'm still a one-man show. Each product is crafted by my hands, start to finish, in my workshop located in the historic and funky Railroad Square Art District in Tallahassee, Florida. The production process includes as many as 15 different vintage industrial sewing machines. I've driven as far as Indiana (over 750 miles one way) to get the right machines, and they are just as important to the jeans making process as I am.